Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

Welcome Chronicle Map!


Chronicle Map

 In-memory (opt. persistence via mmap), highly concurrent, low-latency key-value store. API: Java. Written in: Java. Protocol: in-process Java, remote via Chronicle Engine + Wire: binary, text, Java, C# bindnings. Concurrency: in-memory lock striping, read-write locks. Replication: multi-master, eventually consistent.

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Donnerstag, 19. November 2015

New Category: Time Series Database. Welcome Axibase!

We added a new category: Time Series Databases.

First entry and welcome to: Axibase

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Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

3 new NoSQL Books

Dear Reader,

Deepak Vohra has published three NoSQL books. 
Please have a look if they could be of interest for you!

NoSQL Web Development with Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is the most commonly used NoSQL database written in Java and is renowned in the industry as the only NoSQL solution that can accommodate the complex requirements of today’s modern line-of-business applications. Cassandra is the technology of choice for such data-driven organizations as Netflix, eBay, Constant Contact, Comcast, and scores of others. In NOSQL WEB DEVELOPMENT WITH APACHE CASSANDRA, you will learn about all aspects of using Cassandra in web applications--including accessing the Cassandra database using the common programming/scripting languages Java, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript. Master web development using Apache Cassandra with the help of NOSQL WEB DEVELOPMENT WITH APACHE CASSANDRA. - See more at:

Pro Couchbase Development

Pro Couchbase Development: A NoSQL Platform for the Enterprise discusses programming for Couchbase using Java and scripting languages, querying and searching, handling migration, and integrating Couchbase with Hadoop, HDFS, and JSON. It also discusses migration from other NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Pro MongoDB Development

Pro MongoDB Development is about MongoDB, a NoSQL database based on the BSON (binary JSON) document model. MongoDB is the most commonly used NoSQL database. The book discusses all aspects of using MongoDB in web applications. Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript are the most commonly used programming/scripting languages and the book discusses accessing MongoDB database with these languages.

Sonntag, 23. August 2015

Welcome NCache and TazyGrid

NCache .NET Open Source Distributed Cache. Written in C#. API .NET & Java. Query Parallel SQL Query, LINQ & Tags.Misc: Linear Scalability, High Availability, WAN Replication, GUI based Administration & Monitoring Tools, Messaging, Runtime Data Sharing, Cache & Item Level Events, Continuous Query & Custom Events, DB Dependencies & Expirations

TayzGrid Open Source In-Memory JCache compliant Data Grid. Written in Java. API Java, JCache JSR 107 & .NET.Query SQL & DB Synchronization. Misc: Linear Scalability, High Availability, WAN Replication, GUI based Administration & Monitoring Tools, Distributed Messaging, MapReduce, Entry Processor and Aggregator

Good luck both!

Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

Welcome Serenety DB

Welcome Serenety DB


 Serenity database implements basic Redis commands and extends them with support of Consistent Cursors, ACID transactions, Stored procedures, etc. The database is designed to store data bigger then available RAM.

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Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Welcome GPUdb!

Just inserted a new DB:

Welcome GPUDB!


 A distributed database for many core devices. GPUdb leverages many core devices such as NVIDIA GPUs to provide an unparallelled parallel database experience. GPUdb is a scalable, distributed database with SQL-style query capability, capable of storing Big Data. Developers using the GPUdb API add data, and query the data with operations like select, group by, and join. GPUdb includes many operations not available in other "cloud database" offerings.

Good luck! (thx MB for pointing me to this DB)

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015


Please welcome BayesDB:

From the homepage:

BayesDB, a Bayesian database table, lets users query the probable implications of their tabular data as easily as an SQL database lets them query the data itself. Using the built-in Bayesian Query Language (BQL), users with no statistics training can solve basic data science problems, such as detecting predictive relationships between variables, inferring missing values, simulating probable observations, and identifying statistically similar database entries.

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Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

Welcome WonderDB

Please welcome WonderDB

API: JDBC, SQL; WonderDB is fully transactional, distributed NewSQL database implemented in java based on relational architectures. So you can get best of both worlds, sql, joins and ease of use from SQL and distribution, replication and sharding from NoSQL movement. Tested performance is over 60K per node with Amazon m3.xlarge VM.

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Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Welcome DaggerDB


is a new Realtime analytics database written in .NET C#. ACID compliant. fluent .NET query API, Client / server or in-process. In-memory and persistent mode.

Good luck and check it out:

Dienstag, 24. März 2015

Apple aquires FoundationDB!

Apple has bought FoundationDB. Have a look:

This is quite a surprise for me. But yet another indication how valuable the NoSQL market is.

Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

Welcome BergDB

Please welcome BergDB


 API: Java/.NET. Written in: Java. Replication: Master/Slave. License: AGLP. Historical queries. ACID. Schemaless. Concurrency: STM and persistent data structure. Append-only storage. Encrypted storage. Flexible durability control. Secondary & composite indexes. Transparently serializes Java/.NET objects.

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Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Welcome SequoiaDB

Dear all,

please welcome SequoiaDB.

SequoiaDB is an open-source document-oriented NoSQL database. Our founders were coming from IBM Toronto Lab DB2 development team, and our main development center is located in China.

SequoiaDB was founded in 2012, and they already have several customers listed among Fortune 500 in China.

The JSON API interface is compatible with MongoDB’s CRUD syntax, and we support JSON transactions on top of MPP cluster.


 API: BSON, Protocol: C, Query Method: dynamic object-based language, Replication:Master Slave & Auto-Sharding, Written in: C++, Misc: Indexing, Large Object Store, Transaction, Free + Commercial License, BenchmarkCode

Good luck!