Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

Added SnowCode Event

This new event has been inserted:

Please consider to visit!

Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

Added Amisa Server and WhiteDB

Please welcome two new databases:


Amisa Server. Fast distributed real-time analytics and search engine. API: REST and many languages. Query method: AQL (identical to SQL syntactically and functionally). Written in C++. Concurrency: MVCC. Misc: ACID transactions, distributed file system, static and dynamic schema support, in memory processing, high availability. Commercial license.


WhiteDB is a fast lightweight graph/N-tuples shared memory database library written in C with focus on speed, portability and ease of use. Both for Linux and Windows, dual licenced with GPLv3 and a free nonrestrictive royalty-free commercial licence.

Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013


Please welcome:


 Redis inspired K/V store for Python object serialization.