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Please give a warm welcome to AvocadoDB in the NoSQL Database Archive:

AvocadoDB:  API: REST, blueprint, different programming languages like Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Data Model: document oriented & graphs with shapes, Protocol: HTTP using JSON, Query Method: declarative query language, query by example, map/reduce, key/value, Replication: master-master asynchronous, master-master synchronous, Written in: C/C++/Javascript (using V8), Concurrency: MVCC, Misc: "stored procedures" (in Ruby & Javascript),schema-free schematas,
(note: work in progress, this list includes features for V2 available in Autumn 2012)-

Skills Matter NoSQL Tutorials! 9-11 May

Skllis Matters is hosting Progressive NOSQL Tutorials, a 3-day conference featuring leading experts such as Jim Webber on the latest developments with NOSQL, Neo4J, RavenDB, MongoDB, Cassandra and more. The event is taking place from the 9-11th May. This conference has a practical focus, with talks in the mornings and intensive, hands-on tutorials in the afternoons. More info here.

Dienstag, 24. April 2012

NoSQL Matters Promo Code

Dear NoSQL enthusiasts and NoSQL Database readers,

please drop me an email for a special promo code for all
nosql-database readers for a discount.

Don't miss these great speakers!
I would be happy to talk to you at the event.

Stefan Edlich
edlich (special-char)

New Graph DB Benchmark by Luca

Luca compares the features and the performance of some popular Graph DBs here.

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NessDB Benchmarks!topic/nessdb/96MXMC9zfwg

Bohu Tang writes:

nessDB v1.8 Random-Write benchmark results with 1000k, 10000k,50000k records, BohuTANG, 3/29/12 7:13 PM, Hey, guys I have a random-write testing with nessDB v1.8 on my laptop, it seems fast! Results a...