Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

7 Databases in 7 weeks

Seven Databases in Seven Weeks now in Beta

Should be an interesting read! And a definite buy!
To me the really surprise was: 6 NoSQL DBs and 1 relational DB.

And additionally: no MySQL!

Here some infor about author 1 Eric Redmont.


  1. I'm more surprised by the fact that the book doesn't include Google BigTables and ObjectivityDB.....

  2. Really, Google BigTable is a closed System. So HBase on top of as the BigTable clone Haddoop is in the book. And this is a much better choice.

    ObjectivityDB is surely a great system, but it is not core NoSQL. As all Object Databases it is soft NoSQL e.g. much much older.

    Stefan Edlich