Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Berlin Graph Coding Dojo, 27.Oct

From: Pere Urbón Bayes Date: 2011/9/28 Subject: Berlin Graph coding dojo, call for participation! To: Neo4j user discussions , Graph databases, together with graph processing problems, are a trendy topic right now. Neo4j is a well known graph database, but there are also others like OrientDB, DEX, etc. and there are also a big set of graph processing toolsets like Blueprints, Apache Hamma, Google Pregel like systems, etc. So from recomendations systems to routing problems graph processing is an amazing thing to have in your toolset. With the objective to have together experts and newbies, and for all of them to have the oportunity to learn new things by doing we launch the Berlin Graph Coding Dojo. Next 27 of October 2011 we will meet with the main task of learning and practicing new graph related tasks. There will be enought food for more experienced people, but also for the ones who just say, ei! graphdbs are cool, lets gonna see what can I do in a short time with theme. If interested, no mather your level of experience with this topic, show up next 27 of October at the Berlin Coworking Space. Bring your laptop, and in a couple of hours your will for sure solved a new thing using graphs. For more information you can join: Lots of thanks to the Berlin Coworking Space for making this event possible. Also if you want to be an sponsor, collaborate, give your five cents, whatever!, contact us!. Details 27/October/2011 19:30h Berlin Coworking Space [] Adalbertstr. 7-8 10999 Berlin

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